Finest Baby Camel Hair from Mongolia

In Gobi Desert, temperatures fall down to -40 degrees. Good to know that Bactrian camels can brave any winter storm thanks to their fine wool. The colder the climate, the finer and warmer the down hair.

Baby camels are designated as either “botog”, up to one year, and “torom”, between one and two years. We only use wool that is primarily harvested by hand-combing by nomadic herdsmen from the toroms after a long and cold winter when the warmer season begins. The yield from each baby camel is approximately 1.5 kilograms per year, which consists of down hair – which we use for our products – and coarse hair –which is used for the filling of blankets or carpets.

Why we don’t use wool of the botogs? Becauce the vulnerable botogs need their natural warming clothes more than we do. That is why.


Our Mongolian baby camel hair, which is also called camel down, is 100% natural. It is not bleached or dyed. This effect is noticeable both visually and tactilely. It is nearly impossible to bleach fibres without damaging the outer cuticle and significantly diminishing the softness of the finished product. Above all, companies use tons upon tons of water for bleaching and dyeing the raw material, which is neither eco-friendly nor sustainable. We think baby camel hair is beautiful in its natural form. So why destroy it?

Temperature Regulation

Camels know how to deal with extreme weather conditions. The wool regulates their body temperature. It cools them down on sunny days and has an incredible warming effect during freezing nights, when the temperature goes down to -40 degrees. Products made from baby camel hair are just a perfect companion for each season.

Easy to Clean

Camel hair has dirt-repellent properties. If you think your scarf needs to be freshened up, just hang it out in the fresh air instead of washing it. Need an intense cleaning? This will help.

Eudermic and Suitable for Those with Allergies

We only use very smooth down fibre for our products, which is harvested by hand-combing. Camel hair is similar in softness to cashmere, with a diameter ranging from about 17-19 microns, which makes it super comfy and gentle for your skin. Camel hair has a low percentage of wool fat. This is why Camel Hair is especially suitable for those with allergies.