Handmade Porcelain

Since the beginning of porcelain manufacturing in the 6th century, continuous effort has been made to perfect the art. In an ongoing process motivated by a need for utter perfection, new techniques and technologies have been developed to bring out the most distinguished qualities and features of the material. China and Japan were the unrivalled experts in manufacturing porcelain products for centuries until the secret formula was eventually discovered by scientists commissioned by the royal houses of Europe.

Porcelain ≠ Porcelain

With industrialization, porcelain reached the next stage of its evolution. Less complex forms and patterns and more standardized and practical products evolved, characterized by smooth, well-processed surfaces. The objective of the industry is to manufacture everyday objects in serial production. These goods are not distinguishable from each other and thus adhere to the need for conformity.


Today there are many designers and artists who dedicate their work to porcelain. Questioning existing conventions and thus redefining approaches to modern design is their core interest. Our work is strongly influenced by these ideas and illustrates that the evolution of porcelain is still in progress.