Yak Who? The less known Premium Fiber from Mongolia

Yaks are domesticated cows that live in Mongolia, Siberia and the Himalayas. They spend their lives together in groups at an altitude difference of up to 6,000 and have a multi-layered, warming down. This protective, fine hair is among one of the rarest and most valuable kinds of downs worldwide. Each yak yields between 300 to 500 grams of down, which is primarily harvested by hand-combing in May or June by nomadic herdsmen. With up to 15 microns, the delicate down of a yak is softer than cashmere and merino, as well as warmer and more durable.

Natural and Breathable

Our Mongolian yak down is 100% natural. It is not bleached or dyed. This effect is noticeable both visually and tactilely. It is nearly impossible to bleach natural fibres without damaging the outer cuticle and significantly diminishing the softness of the finished product. Above all, companies use tons upon tons of water for bleaching and dyeing the raw material. We believe yak down, especially the grey variety, is beautiful in its natural form. So why destroy it?

Yak down may also absorb moisture up to 33% of its weight without feeling moist. Water vapour caused by body heat is absorbed and released by yak down, preventing the accumulation of moisture on the skin.


Although yak down is quite light, it has excellent heat qualities because of its voluminous and thick structure and multi-layered down. This unique down keeps you cozy and warm even in the coldest winter months. In addition, yak down is 40% warmer than merino as well as 20% warmer than cashmere and functions as an anti-rheumatic.

Eudermic and Suitable for Those with Allergies

We only use very smooth down fibre for our products. Yak down is similar in softness to cashmere, with a diameter ranging up to 15-22 microns, which makes it super comfy and gentle for your skin. Yak down has a low percentage of wool fat. That is why yak down is especially suitable for those with allergies.

Easy to Clean

Yak down has dirt-repellent properties. If you think, your scarf needs to be freshened up, just hang it out in the fresh air instead of washing it. Need an intense cleaning? This will help.